In case you host multiple sites inside the exact same account and one of them gets hacked, it's very likely that all of them will be hacked after that. There are several reasons why this could happen, the two most common are: using really weak passwords or using outdated scripts with widely known vulnerabilities. In this way, one single compromised Internet site can make lots of damage to all of your sites, since getting access to one script generally allows hackers to access the Internet hosting account. This is the reason why we've developed a brand new security option named JailHost. Once turned on, this option will literally lock a site inside its folder, so if an attacker takes over it, the other sites in the account will be hidden. Thus they'll be shielded from further intrusion. The JailHost option doesn't suggest that you should not keep your Internet sites updated, but it will greatly minimize the damage.

JailHost in Cloud Website Hosting

In case you host your Internet sites inside a cloud website hosting account from our firm, you'll be able to protect them using the JailHost option with just a few mouse clicks in your Hepsia Control Panel. This feature is accessible with all plans and can be activated for any folder since the domains and subdomains in Hepsia have different folders, so files for various Internet sites never get mixed up like it often happens with other Control Panels. We have not activated JailHost by default because you may use scripts that require access to folders outside the primary site folder and this option can interfere with their correct functioning, but protecting all other folders is simple and easy. If any protected site gets hacked for whatever reason, we'll be able to restore it in a short time since we will have multiple daily backup copies of your entire account and you will even be able to browse the available backups using Hepsia.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Servers

All our semi-dedicated server plans come with JailHost included by default. The option is not activated automatically when you add a domain name because you may need to use a specific script which accesses multiple folders in the account, but you can activate it without difficulty via your Hepsia Control Panel and protect your other websites with just a few clicks. Hepsia is much better to use if you have multiple Internet sites because it keeps them in separate folders and doesn't keep the files for several Internet sites in the very same folder like it often happens with many other Control Panels. This enables us to offer you JailHost as all folders can be separated from one another. In case that any of your Internet sites is hacked, we will be able to promptly restore it because of the multiple daily backup copies which we will keep and in the mean time the attacker won't be able to do further damage because the access to your other websites will be cut off.